April 6, 2008

Exoplanetology Trends, Statistics, Charts and Graphs

Monthly ExoplanetsTotal Exoplanets (2008)Total Exoplanets vs. New Exoplanets (per month)I played around with Trendrr and the 3 graphs you see are the new Exoplanets discovered per month for 2008, Total new exoplanets in 2008, and a mashup of the previous two charts.
Trendrr is a new site that allows users to manipulate a growing number of publicly available data sets. Users can also input custom data programmatically or by hand. Once Trendrr is tracking your data, it can then be mashed up into comparison graphs, as what is evident in the 3rd graph. With that kind of flexibility coupled with my curiosity, I might try to input some more historical data from the Exoplanet Catalogues and then perhaps build another mash-up of how media and the masses (blogosphere) respond to new discoveries in Exoplanetology. Or maybe I might build a widget out of it since Trendrr can export data in JSON format. So with the synthesis of Science, Web2.0 and Media the possibilities are endless, and literally out of this world!!!

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