May 21, 2008


Gliese 876dAwesome rendition of a 'sunrise' on Gliese 876d. And because it's a sunrise on an exoplanet, I will coin a new word for it - Extrasolarise.
Many thanks to APOD for featuring this photo. And kudos to Inga Nielsen for a fantastic artwork.
I am enthralled by looking at pictures of these far-flung worlds. Is it because they cause my imagination to run wild between Science and Fiction? Exoplanets are real, yet they are far enough to stretch the imagination. The limit of the speed of light is what makes the mind's eye to be boundless.
The Art and Science that goes into creating stunning artworks like this is what prompted me to define Exoplanetology as The Art and Science of Exoplanets...

Photo Credit: Inga Nielsen

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