February 14, 2009

Additions to Exoplanets in Binary Star Systems

Binary Star SystemI was in the process of writing a post about true binary systems with exoplanets when I was alerted to a very interesting article. It seems that we have new additions to the list of exoplanets that belong to a binary system or multiple star system.
High-resolution imaging of 14 exoplanet hosts stars revealed stellar companions to three of the targets (WASP-2, TrES-2, and TrES-4), the latter two of which have not been known to be multiple before. This means that TrES-2 and TrES-4 will join the list of exoplanets orbiting a host star that is part of a multiple or binary star system. We know that Tau Boo b is a member of this list.
This new findings has resulted in new parameter values for the three exoplanet host stars. Also this new knowledge about exoplanetary binary hosts could contribute to the evolving study of planet formation. The presence of a binary companion could very well influence the planet formation process as well as the predominant migration mechanism.
The amazing thing about binary star systems is that any planet in that system will have two suns.
Let the glorious scene of an amazing sunrise or sunset come to your mind. The sunset of a single sun is already breath-taking. What more of two suns?
Two Suns

ONE DAY - Björk

One day : it will happen
One day : it will all come true
One day : when you're ready
One day : when you're up to it

The atmosphere will get lighter
and two suns ready to shine just for YOU
I can feel it!

One day : it will happen
One day : it will all make sense
One day : you will blossom
One day : when you're ready