March 28, 2009

Earth Hour and Exogazing

Earth HourNot everyone believes that planet earth is in crisis. But our planet is undergoing a major shift in it's climate. In case you haven't noticed, the weather is all messed up. Some say that the earth is just fine, It's us that is screwed.
Some are cynical, some are still curious, some would shrug off their shoulders with indifference. Some would care enough to at least do something in their own small way. And some are active in making a difference with regards to the state of our home planet.
If you don't see yourself in any of these groups, you're not alone. And it's perfectly alright. What is happening to earth is probably the nature of things. Things may proceed the way they are supposed to, and there's absolutely nothing that anyone can do but observe.
Tonight is the perfect night to do exactly that. At around 8:30 pm, try looking up and observe the night sky. If you're a city dweller--as I am, you may actually notice a difference. Stars would shine more brightly than usual.
The reason is Earth Hour. People would turn off their lights for one hour. And the night sky minus the light pollution is something worth observing.
As for me, I'll head out with my family to a nice safe place by the waterfront to witness the city lights go out. Then I will look-up. I'll probably do some exogazing and drown myself in exoplanetary thinking. In a rare moment from within a city, I will have that precious 60 minutes to reflect upon our planet and observe the stars.
Whatever comes out of it, I know i'll never be the same again. Because with the changes that the earth is going through, i might never see our planet this way again.