August 13, 2009

The Perseid Exoplanets

Perseid ExoplanetsFor yesterday's post, I painstakingly scoured the web for the known exoplanets that belong to the Perseus Constellation. Perhaps I should coin the term "Perseid Exoplanets" (in relation to the Perseid Meteors) for easy reference during the annual Perseid meteor-watching and exogazing activity.
And so with this post I gladly introduce the Perseid Exoplanets, along with some useful resources.
First is a printable image showing the location of the Perseid Exoplanets, along with the approximate location of the Perseid Meteors' radiant. Next is the KMZ file for Google Sky which i used to generate the image.
Then here's a view of their data on Freebase. Whenever someone enters data of any new exoplanet discovery within the Perseus field it will automatically be added to this list on Freebase.
Finally, below is a copy-paste friendly list of their locations in the sky via RA and Declination.
HD 17092 b 02:46:22,49:39:11
HD 23596 b 03:48:00.3739,40:31:50.287
HD 16175 b 02:37:01.9110,42:03:45.479
WASP-11b/HAT-P-10b 03:09:28.55,30:40:24.9

So what are you waiting for?! Print out these resources and go out there and start Meteorwatching and Exogazing!
Clear skies!